Ed Harris will reprise his role as the Man in Black in “Westworld” Season 2. HBO

Out of all the characters found in the HBO show “Westworld,” the first one who has been confirmed to return in Season 2 is Ed Harris’ mysterious Man in Black.

Harris confirmed his return during an interview with BBC Radio 4. “I was just talking to Jonah Nolan last night, who’s a creator of this thing with his wife Lisa Joy, and yeah, they’re doing another season,” Harris said. “They’re going to do 10 more episodes, and I will be involved.”

Despite this revelation, this does not mean that the Man in Black will come out of the first season unscathed. According to Polygon, the Man in Black might bite the dust and return in the next season as a host.

Earlier, Harris told Slash Film that the Man in Black’s true motivations in the Western theme park are still unknown. He said that the Man in Black started coming to the park with the same intention as everybody else, but something in him changed.

“I think something happened to him at some point that this part of him that’s very dark, very violent, all of a sudden he recognized this was a real part of him he’d never really lived with in his life outside, obviously repressed in civil society for many years and realized this is a part of myself I should check out and see where this takes me,” he said. “But there’s also a much deeper purpose for him being here at this point. He thinks there’s some deeper level to what’s happening in this park.”

There’s even a theory circulating now that the photograph of the woman found by Peter Abernathy in the first episode is actually the dead wife of Harris’ character. Could she have been accidentally killed by a host?

Find out more when “Westworld” airs next Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on HBO.