A massive fire ripped through vacant buildings located at Union Point in South Weymouth, Massachusetts, Thursday night.

A fire deputy at the scene said the fire started inside a building that was once used as barracks for officers in the naval air station, now known as Union Point, and had been abandoned since 1997.

The fire started on Thursday and was burning through the buildings for sometime after which, an unknown person contacted 911 and reported the flames.

The fire was located at about 30 meters from the Union Point’s residential neighborhood. Some of the residents in the area reported that the embers from the fire were falling on their homes. However, they were not in danger as of now.

Weymouth fire division firefighters were attempting to stop the raging fire and were being assisted by fire departments from several nearby communities.

The roof of one of the buildings reportedly collapsed due to the intense fire. Following the incident, Shea Memorial Drive at Route 18, which is the main entrance to Union Point was forced to close. A section of the Memorial Grove Avenue near the Union Point Sports Complex was also closed.

No injuries were reported. The cause of the fire was not known as of yet.

(This is a developing story)

The risks to firefighters are enormous and the sacrifice is immense
The risks to firefighters are enormous and the sacrifice is immense AFP / Saeed KHAN