There are some conspiracy theories that just refuse to go away despite being disproven repeatedly. The Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory is one such example that fades away only to resurface every few years.

The theory has gained traction once again after one Twitter user posted a stream of more than 50 tweets on May 12, in his/her effort to prove the Canadian singer was long dead and has been replaced by a look-alike, Melissa Vandella.

Twitter user called “Givenchyass” posted an array of tweets Friday claiming Lavigne, who shot to fame in the 2000s actually died a decade back and another girl, Vandella, who looks exactly like Lavigne has assumed her identity without anyone knowing.

Even the thread of the conspiracy theory posted by Givenchyass reads: “Avril lavigne is dead & was replaced by a look alike: a conspiracy theory thread.” The Twitter handle of the same user boasts of the following message: “I made avril lavigne trend on twitter. How is your life going? #blacklivesmatter.”

After uploading a customized video comparing Lavigne’s music from the early days of her career with a track released in 2014, the user delved into stating a brief biography of the singer, followed by an explanation of the conspiracy theory.

“She was born in ontario, canada in 1984 and her first album 'let go' was released in 2002 when she was 18,” Givenchyass explained, adding “up until this point she was so used to being able to live a normal life and now that she was famous, she couldn't handle the paparazzi so she decided to hire a look alike to walk around LA for her and pose for the paparazzi.”

The theory, according to Givenchyass, further states Lavigne even taught Vandella to sing like her. Then, just before the release of her second album, Lavigne’s grandfather passed away, leaving her distraught and heartbroken. According to popular rumors, the “Complicated” singer locked herself up in her room for days and wrote for weeks, even breaking down in stage interviews.

The rumors claim “The Punk Princess,” as Lavigne was popularly known as at the time, eventually hanged herself because of depression and her body was apparently discovered at her home by her record company. A report by Metro, however, mentions the reason behind Lavigne’s alleged death was her incapability to cope with all the media attention post-stardom.

Both accounts agree on the idea of Vandella taking Lavigne’s identity and has been composing music under her name, all the while pointing to subtle hints of the singer’s death via song lyrics, album booklets, and promotional materials, including clothing.

Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne performs live at Olympic Hall in Seoul, South Korea,on February 19, 2014 Photo: Getty Images/Chung Sung-Jun

One thing cited in the conspiracy theory is the shifting positions of the freckles on Lavigne’s arm, something that has been pointed out as suspicious since body marks like freckles do not change over time, Metro reported.

Other Twitter users have picked up on the resurfaced controversy, making all kinds of jokes about it.