Kate Middleton
What did Donald Trump say about Kate Middleton in the past prior to meeting Queen Elizabeth II? Pictured: Middleton watches the RAF flypast on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, as members of the Royal Family attend events to mark the centenary of the RAF on July 10, 2018 in London. Getty Images/Chris Jackson

President Donald Trump made some shocking comments about Kate Middleton years before his official meeting with Queen Elizabeth II.

The president of the United States is already in the UK for an official visit. Trump and his wife, Melania, are set to meet the Queen on Friday. However, prior to this, Trump criticized the monarch's granddaughter-in-law, Middleton.

In 2012, Trump commented on the issue of the Duchess of Cambridge's nude photos. Trump, who was not yet the president at the time, took to Twitter and wrote, "Kate Middleton is great--but she shouldn't be sunbathing in the nude--only herself to blame," as quoted by Express.

In 2017, the magazine who published Middleton's topless photos was ordered to pay the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for damages. Prince William and Middleton received a $123,022 payout. However, the French lawyers took action and appealed the case in Versailles, west of Paris in June. According to them, the fines were "exaggerated for a simple privacy matter" in which fines often amount to a token "principle" sum of less than $133.

The lawyers also used Meghan Markle's racy photos against Prince William and Middleton. The counsel pointed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be "hypocritical" to claim such compensation when the other members of the royal family are happy with their sexy photos.

"They are happy with sexy photos of themselves when they are in control, but then claim huge amounts of money when they're unauthorised," one legal source said. "There's ridiculous hypocrisy involved, and the outrageous compensation figure reflects this."

Markle already said that she did a number of things that she would never do today when she was just an auditioning actress. "I would put that in the category of things I was doing while I was auditioning to try to make ends meet," Markle said.

In related news, Markle's father mentioned on his interview with "Good Morning Britain" on how Prince Harry advised him to give Trump a chance. He also commented on Queen Elizabeth II and Trump's upcoming meeting. According to him, the monarch has no excuse not to meet him because he is not as bad as the U.S. president.

"If the Queen is willing to meet our arrogant, ignorant, and insensitive president she has no excuse not to meet me, I'm nowhere near as bad," Thomas told TMZ.