When MTV’s cameras aren’t rolling the stars of “The Challenge” are not sitting around patiently waiting for the next season — they’re working! Ahead of the “Rivals 3” finale Wednesday night, check out the surprising jobs the Season 28 cast member’s hold when they’re not on-camera.

Jenna Compono — At the “Bloodlines” reunion Jenna told International Business Times she was balancing babysitting and a modeling career, but it appears opportunities for the former “Challenge” champion are heating up in the latter. Jenna revealed to IBT at the “Rivals 3” reunion taping in NYC on July 12 that a few days before the show she was in talks to sign with Sports Illustrated. “Fingers crossed!” she said.

Vince Gliatta — Vince may be accused of riding his cousin Johnny Bananas’ coattails on the show but off-camera, he’s doing big things on his own. Not only does Vince own internet cafes in Ohio and Florida, but he’s also currently training to become a professional golfer and is working to get his tour card for the PGAs. 

Devin Walker — Team Princess has an entrepreneur with a good taste in beer. The “Are You the One?” alum owns a brewery in Massachusetts. “I decided early in my life that it was entrepreneur or bust,” he told IBT. 


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Cheyenne Floyd — Cheyenne designs lingerie and fitness wear. She also graduated from college two years ago with a degree in public relations. 

Sarah (Rice) Patterson — Sarah made a comment during episode 13 of “Rivals 3” that she was planning to use her possible winnings to pay for grad school. She also co-runs the popular web show “The Brain Candy Podcast.”

Ashley Mitchell —  The “Real World” alum just moved from San Francisco to Las Vegas to work as a “booth babe” at trade shows and conventions. She’s also a brand ambassador and spokesmodel for technology and car companies. “If you want your company to look good, hire Ashley,” Ashley’s partner Corey told IBT. 

Corey Wharton— Corey is still trying to get into acting and model. He currently works as a personal trainer at a boxing gym in Santa Monica, California. “I’m doing the whole fitness route but acting is very hit or miss,” he explained. “Every day I’m training.”