There are three teams left on “The Challenge: Rivals 3” but only one will walk away with the grand prize. As announced by host T.J. Lavin in episode 13, the first-place team on the MTV competition series will walk away with $275,000 in the finale, with the second place and third place teams taking $50K and $25K, respectively.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the “Challenge” without a show-stopping twist! T.J. also revealed that the best-performing player will have the chance to take home all of their team’s winnings or split it with their partner. Ahead of the series’ big finale on Wednesday, let’s take a look who who we think will win the grand prize come episode 14, “Split Decision.”

Johnny Bananas and Sarah

The former friends turned rivals turned friends again have had a rough season on the “Challenge” when it comes to their bond, but their success in the competition has never faltered. After managing to stay out of every jungle elimination, the pair had to go head-to-head against Dario and Nicole in episode 13 to stay in the finals, but they did it with ease. Johnny and Sarah appeared on even better terms after winning “Don’t Wine For Me Argentina,” but host T.J.’s decision to announce the money twist has obviously taken a toll on their friendship.

While the twist is clearly already playing heavily on their minds during the final challenge (watch a sneak peek), our money is on Bananas-Sarah taking first-place. Simply stated, Johnny already has six total “Challenge” wins under his belt and Sarah has four, which is more than any of the other finalists.

Vince and Jenna

At the first challenge, “Cut Me Some Slack,” Vince and Jenna proved they were strong competitors by placing first while the rest of their co-stars struggled to finish the competition. But that was there last and final hoorah as a pair. Their alliance with Vince’s cousin Johnny kept them safe throughout the competition, and like him and Sarah, they never had to face a jungle. Going into the finals, it’s tough to decipher how well these former rivals will fare.

It is worth mentioning Jenna has one win and two finals under her belt, but she’s never pulled out first-place. She most recently came in third on “Bloodlines” and was infamously disqualified from the 2015 “Exes 2” final due to her partner Jay Gotti’s lack of participation. Meanwhile, Vince has never even seen a final. He and Johnny were eliminated in in episode 10 on “Bloodlines.”

Devin and Cheyenne

The luckiest team on “Rivals 3” made it all the way to the finals. The MTV “Are You the One?” alums never won a challenge, but they managed to keep themselves from competing in more than one jungle elimination. After begin eliminated in episode 2, only to return several installments later, the pair managed to always pick white skulls from there on out and keep themselves safe from having to compete. They did the same during the cork pull in Mendoza, Argentina, but will their luck carry them to a first-place win?

Sorry to say Team Princess fans, but we’re doubtful they will be able to pull out a show-stopping lead. Then again, their motivation is worth noting. Devin said he wants to prove everyone wrong by showing their skills in the final in episode 13. Maybe Devin and Cheyenne have been keeping their abilities under wraps until the big conclusion.

“The Challenge: Rivals 3” finale airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. Which team do you think will take home the first-place prize? Share your predictions in the comments section below!