• Jennifer Aniston shared details about her relationship with Brad Pitt when they were still together
  • Jennifer Aniston shared a throwback photo with her dad
  • Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman competing for Reese Witherspoon's time

Jennifer Aniston shared one of the things she really admired about her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

In an interview with W Magazine in 2003, Aniston recalled how dirt poor she was growing up that when she started to earn, she wanted to enjoy. When she married Pitt, she described the “Ad Astra” actor as a “land man.” Pitt wanted lands and he was very hands-on when they were renovating their Beverly Hills house which they purchased in June 2001.

At the time of the interview, Aniston said that they were “not quite there yet” since they were still doing the floors. But there was something in Pitt that she really appreciates while they were still working on their home.

“But Brad has such an incredible eye, and he gets in there and sort of says, ‘Well, how high can this ceiling go?’ and ‘What’s behind that wall?’” Aniston said.

“He definitely has strong opinions about aesthetics, and I admire that so much.”

Aniston added that through it they learned to make decisions that they both feel good about. And for her, it made their marriage even better because they survived the whole house-construction which was a big thing.

She also confessed that they fought and she didn’t trust couples who say that they don’t fight. However, she is not a fan of screaming. She also praised Pitt’s general kindness.

“He’ll hate me for saying that, but when you grow up in a family where people are not always very kind to each other, you realize how important that is,” Aniston said.

Aniston’s parents divorced when she was just 9 years old. Her mom published a stomach-turning tell-all memoir titled “From Mother and Daughter to Friends.” The “Cake” actress confessed that she didn’t like it when her mom published the book because it only broadcast their tough times as a family. She said that she informed her mom about her opinion but, she still didn’t get it “or she just didn’t care how I felt.”

Just recently, Aniston shared a throwback photo of her with her dad John Aniston on Instagram. She also included a new photo of them recently.

“Then and now #TBT Love you, papa,” she wrote in the caption.

In related news, Aniston and Nicole Kidman were reportedly competing to hang out with their mutual buddy Reese Witherspoon. However, one should take the report with a grain of salt since the issue is too minute for Aniston, a self-confessed “conflict avoider.”

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston and Pitt arrive to attend the official projection of US director Wolfgang Petersen's film “Troy” on May 13, 2004, at the 57th Cannes Film Festival in the French Riviera town. Getty Images/Francois Guillot