Soulja Boy has inspired a new challenge on the internet. Pictured: Soulja Boy on June 28, 2010 at the BET Awards in Los Angeles. Reuters/Gus Ruelas

Soulja Boy’s retelling of a home robbery that involved him shooting an intruder multiple times and pulling off his mask to reveal his true identity has inspired some of Soulja Boy’s peers to make their own videos.

In a late-December interview with VladTV at the end of 2016, Soulja Boy recounted the time his home was broken into in 2008. According to Soulja Boy, after being alerted of an intruder by one his friends, he grabbed his gun and began shooting.

While the rapper’s story sounds like it may have come straight out of an action film, what really makes it funny is the comic book-like sound effects which include “Bow!” for gunshots. Later in his story, Soulja Boy said he took the intruder’s mask off and knew who it was.

“I walk up… take his mask off his head. Looked at it, saw who it was. I’m like, ‘Damn,’ shot [him] again. He screaming… I shut the door,” Soulja Boy said.

Following Soulja Boy’s story, celebrities and rappers such as Joe Budden, Mike Epps and comedian DC Young Fly made their own versions of Soulja Boy’s tale, each more outrageous than the last.

Although Soulja Boy’s version of the story took place in his house, Joe Budden’s story took place in a pool. According to Budden, he started walking on the water, shooting people in the pool and then dove to the bottom to pull off the mask of one of the people.

But Joe Budden wasn’t the only rapper to join the challenge. During a recent concert, Wale did his own rendition of the story, retelling his tale to the audience, while Lil Yachty also got in on the fun, uploading his own three-part story online, complete with Nintendo Gamecube controllers meant to represent Soulja Boy’s jewelry.

Soulja Boy himself has gotten in on the challenge, releasing another version of his story and even teasing a song based on it.