When the fateful hour of 6 p.m. local time passed on Saturday May 21st, ‘Doomsday’ prophet Harold Camping was nowhere to be found.

On Sunday, IBTimes found him at his Alameda, CA home. He declined to give an interview then.

“Give me a day, no interviews today,” he said.

What exactly will he say tonight?

IBTimes polled 20,000 people about how Camping might respond to his ‘Doomsday’ failure. Below is a breakdown of their responses:

Admit he’s wrong and give up the ‘Doomsday’ business – 8%

Claim God had mercy and thus spared the world – 19%

Claim error in calculation and set a ‘Doomsday’ date – 54%

Not sure – 19 %

However, the polls were taken before IBTimes’ exclusive footage of Camping surfaced. The footage suggested that Camping may opt to repent and give up the business of ‘Doomsday’ prediction.

“It’s a big deal…I’ve got to live with it, I’ve got to think it out,” he told IBTimes.

From those words, it seems Camping may have come to terms with his failure. Below is the video: