“Wheel of Fortune” viewers are rallying behind a contestant following the Tuesday night episode in which he mispronounced the title of the song, “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart, and Eurythmics.

Chris Bryant came close to solving the puzzle during the Tuesday episode on ABC but flubbed a commonly misheard word in the song.

The correct answer was “sweet dreams are made of this.” However, when Lennox, who is Scottish, sings the lyrics, it sounds like she is saying “these” to some.

Unfortunately for Bryant, he was one of the people who misheard the song. During the “Wheel of Fortune” episode, he attempted to solve the puzzle with the answer, “sweet dreams are made of these,” which was incorrect.

The mistake caused a stir on Twitter from viewers who were surprised by the correct lyrics after years believing Lennox sang “these.”

Although Bryant missed out on the correct answer involving the lyrics, he still managed to advance to the bonus round and walked away with over $26,000 in prizes.

The latest “Wheel of Fortune” mishap comes two weeks after viewers grew frustrated with contestants who were having problems solving the phrase, “Another feather in your cap.”

It took three contestants eight turns and 10 attempts to solve the puzzle. Some of the incorrect phrases included “Another feather in your map” and “Another feather in your hat.”

Wheel of Fortune
Pictured: Vanna White is seen on an episode of “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.” ABC/Eric McCandless