Searching for “Saturday Night Live” clips from last night? Fans won’t be able to find the best skits or the cold open video on Sunday morning because there was no new “SNL” on Feb. 22. However, it won’t be long until the show returns.

NBC has announced that this hiatus will be brief. “SNL” Season 45 will be back on Feb. 29 with an all-new episode featuring a returning host and a returning musical artist.

John Mulaney will host “SNL” Season 45, episode 14. The comedian used to write for the sketch comedy show from 2008-2014 and has since gone on to become a household name. This is his third yearly hosting gig, having previously done so in 2019 and 2018.

Mulaney has previously said that hosting is much scarier than writing. “As much as I had written and worked behind the scenes, I had not had to step in front of the camera and deal with that,” he told NPR’s Fresh Air last year. “And to be rehearsing things as a performer that I'd written on that show and dealing with camera blocking - all things I'd done countless times on the other side of it—was so jarring. I had no idea [laughter] how hard this was to be performing something you've written … It was a very good education as to what it was like for the other side of it - for all the people that I made, you know, wear wires and fly through the air and put on any costume.”

Fans are hoping for another memorable musical number. His last two, Diner Lobster and Bodega Bathroom, were big hits.

The titular star of “John Mulaney and the Lunch Sack Bunch” will be joined by musical guest David Byrne. Unlike the comedian, Byrne waited quite a while to make his “SNL” return—31 years to be exact. The Talking Heads frontman last played Studio 8H in 1989.

Byrne’s “American Utopia” closed earlier this month on Broadway after a five-month run, and Spike Lee is set to direct a film adaptation.

“SNL” airs Saturdays on NBC.

SNL John Mulaney
John Mulaney is pictured hosting "SNL" on April 14, 2018. Will Heath/NBC