Fans of Adam Sandler won’t have to wait any longer to see the actor’s latest film. “Sandy Wexler” will finally be released Friday, streaming on Netflix.

Sandler plays Sandy Wexler a talent manager that doesn’t have a very impressive client list and works in Los Angeles in the 1990s. He falls in love with his newest client, played by Jennifer Hudson. The movie is loosely based on the career of Sandler’s real-life manager, Sandy Wernick.

“I meet Jennifer Hudson at Magic Mountain, I see her singing and she becomes my biggest client. She becomes a superstar,” Sandler told “Good Morning America” Thursday.

“It’s a little different from what my real manager’s life is, but the voice I do and some of the moves I do, are similar to Sandy Wernick.”

“Sandy Wexler” is part of a four-film deal that Sandler has with Netflix, having already released two comedies with the streaming service. “The Ridiculous Six” came out in December 2015, and “The Do-Over,” was released on May 27, 2016.

Even if Sandler’s latest project receives lackluster reviews like his previous Netflix originals, it should still get a ton of viewership. “The Ridiculous Six” and “The Do-Over” were panned by critics, but they are the service’s two most-watched original films. Netflix has more than 93 million subscribers worldwide.

“Love working with Netflix and collaborating with them,” Sandler said in a statement last month. “I love how passionate they are about making movies and getting them out there for the whole world to see. They’ve made me feel like family and I can’t thank them enough for their support.”

The film features some of the biggest names in comedy. Conan O’Brien, Judd Apatow, Chris Rock, David Spade, Dana Carvey and Kevin James all make appearances in the movie.

Netflix originals are typically released at 3 a.m. EDT. The cheapest monthly subscription to the streaming service costs $7.99 per month.