joy duggar wedding
Austin Forsyth and Joy Duggar’s bachelor/bachelorette party has some fans predicting their wedding date is fast approaching. TLC

Another Duggar daughter is due to get married and it may be happening sooner than “Counting On” fans originally thought. Joy-Anna Duggar’s recent joint bachelor/bachelorette party with Austin Forsyth has some viewers questioning if she will get married before end of the year.

When Joy and Austin’s wedding registry was released in March, it stated Oct. 28, 2017 was the couple’s wedding date. The pair quickly followed up following speculation they were due to get married on Joy’s 20th birthday, writing on their account that, “P.S. Our actual wedding date has not been announced yet!” However, it appears the couple could have settled on an even earlier date.

In a TLC video released Sunday, Joy and Austin recounted their decision to have a shared bachelor and bachelorette party in the woods. “Joined by family and friends, Joy and Austin went camping and kayaking since they both enjoy the great outdoors,” the network reported.

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The timing has some fans questioning if Joy and Austin could be getting married as early as this summer. After all, Joy’s sister Jinger Vuolo’s bachelorette party came just two months before she married now husband Jeremy in November 2016.

“We were trying to think of ideas for what we should do,” Joy said in the TLC clip of their party plans before revealing they settled on a camping trip. “I’ve never really been a big camper. So this is my first time to actually camp outdoors but it’s been a blast.”

“I think I like outdoor activities because I grew up doing that,” Austin added. “My dad took me camping at a very age, our whole family, and its just something we’ve always enjoyed as a family and I hope to transfer that over to our family.”

Austin said he enjoyed hanging out with his family and friends and spending time with his future wife. Joy agreed before giving a wedding planning update. She did not mention a specific date in the video, only telling fans to stay tuned to “Counting On” for updates.

“Wedding planning is going great so far. I think Austin has been helping out more than he ever thought he would be. He’s been apart of a lot of it,” she said.

Austin added he’s looking forward to spending the rest of his life with Joy and to marry “the woman of my dreams.”

Joy and Austin announced their official courtship in November 2016, following Jinger and Jeremy’s wedding special on TLC. Austin and Joy had been friends for 15 years prior to dating. The pair surprised fans with an engagement in March.

Post-wedding, “Counting On” fans shouldn’t expect to wait too long for another Duggar baby announcement. Joy told Crown of Beauty Magazine last month that she could definitely see children in her near future. “Lord willing, I will be married and a mother,” Joy said when asked about her life plans five years from now.

“Counting On” returns to TLC with new episodes this summer. The installments will show Austin’s proposal and the remainder of the couple’s courtship.