Since the completion of the “Harry Potter” franchise, the film’s biggest stars have been readily visible in Hollywood, but not every cast member has remained as prominent as lead actors Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson.

Monday marks the 15-year anniversary of the release of the first film, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” In celebration of the 2001’s movie’s milestone, take a look at where some of the movie’s smaller stars are in 2016. When you’re done taking a walk down memory lane, discover where to watch the movie online.

Dudley Dursley

Harry Melling perfected the cousin everyone loved to hate in the “Potter” movies. He was last shown in the franchise in Part 1 of “Deathly Hallows” before moving on to other projects. After starring in the TV series “Justin William” and “Garrow’s Law” from 2010-11, he was featured in several shorts. This year, Melling acted in the TV program “The Musketeers.” 

Professor Quirrell

What “Potter” fan could forget Ian Hart’s performance as “p-p-poor, st-stuttering P-Professor Quirrell”? After starring on “Boardwalk Empire” in 2014, and ABC’s “Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.” the year prior, Hart has several projects lined up this year. He’s completed filming for the romantic comedy “Modern Life is Rubbish” and is now filming horror flick “uk18.”

Percy Weasley

If you haven’t seen much of Chris Rankin post “Potter” that’s because he’s been doing a majority of his work behind-the-scenes. The Weasley brother worked as an assistant production coordinator on “Downton Abbey” last year. He also has production credits from “The Bastard Executioner” and the TV series “Atlantis” to his name. Rankin was last in front of the camera in 2015 filming the mystery/thriller “Gracie.”

Madame Hooch

The professor that taught Harry Potter to fly continued her acting career after “Sorcerer’s Stone.” Zoë Wanamaker is currently filming the made-for-TV movie “Babs,” playing Joan Littlewood. The TV drama “Britannia,” in which she also stars, is now in post-production. Past credits for Wanamaker since “Potter” also include the 2011 film “My Week With Marilyn” and “Doctor Who.”

Oliver Wood

Who could forget Sean Biggerstaff’s portrayal as Gryffindor’s Quidditch coach? Since starring in “Chamber of Secrets” in 2002 Biggerstaff has landed several roles. He acted in the 2009 TV series “The Lost Book,” as well as dozens of short movies. His last listed film, 2010’s “Hippie Hippie Shake,” co-starring with Sienna Miller and Cillian Murphy, was not released in theaters.

Aunt Petunia

Fiona Shaw has been keeping busy since “Harry Potter” wrapped and 2016 has been no exception. She kicked off the year with the TV movie “Maigret Sets a Trap” before acting in “The White King” and the TV program “Channel Zero.” The comedy film “The Hippopotamus” is currently in post-production and the crime/drama “Out of Innocence” has officially wrapped. Shaw is tapped to star in “The Rising: 1916” next where she will play a Countess.