"My 600-Lb Life" star Lupe Samano continued to struggle with her weight, even after getting weight loss surgery. TLC

Lupe Samano’s weight loss progress was revisited the TLC’s unscripted series “My 600-Lb Life” for their “Where Are They Now” series. The Houston resident still struggled to get out of bed, even though she lost half her body weight, Monster and Critics wrote Wednesday.

An exact number of weight she lost was not provided, but Samano reportedly lost so much weight that she needed skin surgery to properly fit into her clothes and feel comfortable. To qualify for skin surgery, she had to lose more weight, which gave her anxiety.

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Unable to get out of bed, Dr. Younan Nowzardan hypothesized Samamo’s weakness was mind over matter since her weight loss surgery from the year before was seemingly successful.

But the reality TV star’s weight wasn’t the only problem. Samano was having a difficult time with her husband, Gilbert Donovan: Their marriage was in danger of failing.

Before the weight loss, Samano struggled with various ailments, including: high cholesterol and blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea and lymphedema on her groin area and left leg.

When she was 28 years old, Samonao went into kidney failure, which sent her into a diabetic coma and created other problems. “There was so much fat around my neck, it was suffocating me. So they had to do a tracheotomy just so I could breathe when I was unconscious,” she told TLC cameras last year. “They had to do a chin tuck, and then put the trach in because even with the ventilator I still needed it.”

Twelve years later, Samano hadn’t left her bed. “I haven’t walked on my own since,” Samano said. “I walked into the ER and never walked out. It changed my life.”

Her husband helped her do everything. “Now my bed is my restroom, the place where I take a shower. Where I do everything,” she said. “Words can’t even explain how much I hate being in this bed. I need to be taken care of 24/7 because I can’t do anything for myself.”

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