Despite speculation that Bobbi Kristina Brown might spill the beans to Oprah Sunday night about who leaked the casket photo of her mother Whitney Houston to the National Enquirer, she didn't finger the culprit.

She did, however, have a message on Cissy Houston's behalf. She told Oprah in the highly anticipated interview that her grandmother wanted the world to know that she is not angry with the funeral home, owned by Carolyn Whigham in Newark, N.J.

Whigham Funeral Home had received a flurry of negative press after the casket photo was leaked, likely due to popular radio host Tom Joyner's assertion that Whigham's staff was responsible for snapping the image and selling it to the press. The vitriol against Carolyn Whigham had become so strong that she was forced to hold a press conference to deny the rumors and defend [her] name. She and a few local pastors also claimed that Cissy Houston has identified the leaker, but that it was up to the family to release the name.

Chatter about the identity of the leaker of the photo, which could have been worth up to half a million dollars to the National Enquirer, has instead turned to those within the Houston family.

Time will tell if the individual who leaked the image will ever be revealed, gossip site Scallywag & Vagabond mused last week, but it seems for now, that Cissy might have had a private talk with our antagonist and has been forced for the sake of saving face to call it a day.

Speculation had originally been that Bobby Brown's sister, Tina, who has in the past leaked photos of Whitney's drug use to the Sun, was behind the leak, although it's not clear that she was even invited to the private viewing, and she's fallen off the radar of ardent casket photo leak watchers.