width=398It's been weeks since the National Enquirer published a controversial open casket photo of the late Queen of Pop Whitney Houston, but the public still doesn't know who was behind it.

Though the Houston family – and especially matriarch and Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston – was reportedly livid at the leak and was even trying to involve the police, they mysteriously dropped the matter a few weeks ago. Carolyn Whigham, owner of the funeral home where Whitney was laid to rest, was fingered as the culprint by Tom Joyner on his popular drive-time talk show, but she later held a press conference to clear her name, and Cissy even had granddaughter Bobbi Kristina tell Oprah that the family did not hold the Whigham Funeral Home responsible.

So who was it, then? Speculation had earlier centered around Whitney Houston's ex-sister-in-law Tina Brown, who years earlier had leaked a photo of Whitney's crack-strewn bathroom, and had an exclusive interview in the same issue of the National Enquirer as the leaked photo.

But after Cissy Houston's abrupt about-face on the issue – from calling for a police investigation to sweeping it under the rug – the chattering classes again turned their attention to the Houston clan, with reports that Cissy had had a talk with the culprit and was no longer seeking to make it a public issue.

Forbes entertainment writer Roger Friedman is claiming that it was Raffles van Exel, a Hollywood hanger-on who was reportedly the only non-family member to ride on the plane with the Houston family from Los Angeles.

And according to his source, one of the staff members at the funeral home says they witnessed Raffles van Exel take the picture of Whitney in her coffin!

Meanwhile, Sandra Rose is claiming that it was actually a Houston who took the photo:

Whitney only traveled with her daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, her sister-in-law Pat, and her bodyguard. Sources believe that Pat and the bodyguard may have conspired to sell the final photos for a big payday.

In the 90-minute special for Oprah's Next Chapter, which aired on Oprah's OWN Network on Sunday, Pat told Oprah that she was upset with the person who published the photographs - not who sold the photos. A strange choice of words.