Black Lives Matter
Twelve people were arrested at a Black Lives Matter protest in Stockton, California, including three for assaulting a homeless man. Pictured: An activist stands during a news conference outside LAPD Headquarters in Los Angeles, Jan. 9, 2015. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

A black woman in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, alleged in a Facebook post that a state district judge called her a “fat" n-word at a popular local eatery. Judge Mike Erwin has since been banned from the eatery, according to reports.

The incident happened last Friday night when Kaneitra Johnson and her group was waiting at Sammy’s Grill to get a table. According to Johnson, she struck up a conversation with another diner at the restaurant.

“He [the diner] was sitting and I was standing that entire time. He stepped away to the restroom so I sat in the seat until he got back,” Johnson told the Rouge Collection magazine. “When he got back I asked if he wanted to have his seat back and he said ‘No. I’m about to go anyway.’ But before I leave I do need my jacket.”

“All of a sudden I hear this older man behind me tell the [diner], ‘You never give up your seat for a n*****,'” Johnson told the magazine, adding that the man continued, “You should have made her get her fat n***** ass up.”

However, according to Johnson, the diner responded to the man saying: “Well, this is my seat while I’m sitting in the seat. When I’m not in the seat it should be anyone’s seat.”

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s office was called in following the argument. Johnson reportedly said that she came to know the man who directed the racial slur at her is judge Erwin only after the deputies were called in.

The deputies spoke with other people at the restaurant who said they did not hear the argument and were unable to confirm whether Erwin really did use racial slur at Johnson, the sheriff’s spokesman Casey Rayborn Hicks said.

"There was a disagreement between patrons, but no arrests or criminal charges or anything," Hicks said.

Following the argument, Johnson took to Facebook to share the details of the alleged event.

“I've heard stories about people spewing out hatred but never been the person being spewed upon... I felt so low, embarrassed, unwanted, out of place... all in a place I've visited many times before,” Johnson wrote in the post.

Andy McKay, the manager at Sammy's Grill, reportedly said: "We do not want Judge Erwin's business anymore."

According to court records, cited by local reports, Erwin was given a 2010 traffic case against Johnson. The 67-year-old is the 19th Judicial District's most senior judge and was elected to the bench in 1990. And in 2014, he was reelected to a fifth six-year term. Erwin attended Southern University’s law school in 1979 and earned a degree in political science.

Last month, Jacksonville, Florida-based Circuit Judge Mark Hulsey resigned after being accused of racism and saying black people should "go back to Africa." He, however, denied the allegations.