President Donald Trump’s biggest supporting bloc in the country since winning the presidency last year are the same people who voted him into the Oval Office: white Americans. Meanwhile, minority demographics trailed in their approval ratings of the president, a Gallup poll released Tuesday revealed.

Above all, it was uneducated white men, usually above the age of 50, who were most likely to support Trump in his first seven weeks in Washington, D.C. Trump's overall approval rating stood at 42 percent on Wednesday since his first day in the White House, Jan. 20, according to Gallup's latest poll.

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While just 13 percent of black voters supported Trump, the lowest approval of any demographic accounted for in Tuesday’s poll, a majority of white men approved of the president, with 60 percent of support among the voting group also most likely to support Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Other variables, including college education and gender, have historically played important roles in determining a president’s approval across the country as well. For example, the poll showed Trump was not so well-liked among women, minorities and college-educated voters.

Though 67 percent of white, non-college-graduate men approved of Trump’s first months as president, just 15 percent of nonwhite female college graduates said they supported the work Trump had accomplished so far. That number dipped to 14 percent for non-graduates in the same voting bloc.

Trump’s first weeks in office have been largely mired in controversy, with a focus on the new White House administration’s ties to the Russians overtaking most of the daily news Trump would prefer the media to report on instead. Meanwhile, his approval rating was on its way to breaking a record for the lowest of any American president in modern history.