Steven Bochco
Producer Steven Bochco arrives at the FX Screening of 'Over There' at the Zanuck Theater on the Twentieth Century Fox lot in Los Angeles, California, July 24, 2005. Getty Images/ Amanda Edwards

Steven Bochco, producer and creator of hit television series such as “Hill Street Blues” and “NYPD Blue” died Sunday at 74.

Bochco battled a rare form of Leukemia for years. According to his spokesperson, he died in his sleep. He is survived by his wife, Dayna Kalins and three children.

He was married twice before, to Barbara Bosson in 1969 and Gabrielle Levin in 1964.

Dayna Kalins

Dayna Kalins
Event co-chairs Dayna and Steven Bochco (R) attend the NDRC Food For Thought Benefit celebrating safe and sustainable eating in Santa Monica, California, May 29, 2014. Getty Images/ Alberto E. Rodriguez

Bochco married his third wife, Kalins, in August 2000 at their Los Angeles home, in a ceremony attended by family and friends, CBS News reported. At the time, Kalins was the president of his television production company, Steven Bochco Productions, and produced the medical drama “City of Angels.”

Kalins advocated for the environment, accompanying a group of ladies who marched into former California Sen. Barbara Boxer’s office in 2007 to demand a bill on global warming be passed. At the meeting, she proudly declared that she owns a fully automatic hybrid vehicle and is doing her part in saving the planet.

“I pimped my Prius!” Kalins said, New York Times reported. “It’s got waves on the side, pinstripes and chrome rims that look like cabochon sapphires.”

Barbara Bosson

Bosson met Bochco while studying at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She married him in 1969 and the both of them have two children together — daughter Mellissa and son Jesse.

Although she starred in movies like “Bullitt”, “The Love God?” and “Mame” her claim to fame was her role of Fay Furillo in the 1980s NBC television series “Hill Street Blues” which was co-created by her husband, Bochco.

Despite being nominated multiple times for her portrayal of her character on the series, she announced she was not going to be a series regular from the sixth season onwards as her character disappeared, without any explanation, for two seasons preceding that.

"Part of the agreement of my leaving was that I would come back if the script was okay. It really makes me angry that there has been no explanation about Fay's disappearing. Not one single person turned and said, 'Where's Fay?’” she told the Washington Post.

It was initially reported that Bosson left the show due to a salary dispute. However, she later opened up about her decision to leave the show, adding that one of the primary reasons was her husband being forced out of the creative team.

“When my husband was forced to leave the show, I'm told that Fay is no longer going to be a victims' advocate. They thought Fay was extremely boring when she became healthy and she was going to go back to being whining and have a nervous breakdown. And in the first script they had me chaining myself to my desk, causing disruption in the squad room, and plunging the key to the lock of this chain down my blouse, and saying to Frank, 'You want the key, Frank, come and get it.' I refused to do it,” she said.

Bosson went on to star in two other series created by her husband — “L.A. Law, Murder One” and “Cop Rock.”

The couple separated in 1997 and filed for divorce the following year.

Gabrielle Levin

Bochco married Levin in September 1964. The couple split in 1969. No other details are available regarding their marriage.