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A news anchor in India was reporting on a live breaking story Saturday morning when she learned her husband was among those who had died in a fatal road crash, according to local news outlets.

Supreet Kaur, an anchor for the news channel IBC24 in Chhattisgarh state, was on air reporting a separate news story when she was interrupted by a reporter who told her about a deadly car crash that left three dead while injuring two others, CNN reported. As the reporter poured in more details of the collision, Kaur realized her husband, whom she had been married for less than two years, was one of the dead victims.

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No names were released, but Kaur was able to put the pieces together upon realizing her husband was in the same vehicle, a Renault Duster, and had been on the same street at the time with a group of friends, according to the New York Post.

Still, after the report, she maintained her composure and continued reading the headlines for another 10 minutes. Once her segment ended, she broke down into tears, the Hindustan Times reported. Kaur called the same reporter asking for further details of the crash, in which an SUV and truck collided in Pithora. She then called her family to inform them about the accident, according to IBC24 editor-in-chief Ravi Kant Mittal.

"She was doing her job, and she kept on doing it with composure and without showing her emotions on air," Mittal told CNN Sunday.

"For a moment her voice trembled, but she collected herself and carried on reading the news till the bulletin got over 10 minutes later," Mittal told the Associated Press Sunday.

Kaur and Harshad Kawade had been married for about 18 months, Mittal said.

Dr. Raman Singh, chief minister of India's Chhattisgarh state, gave his condolences to Kaur on his Twitter page. "Salute Supreet's strength in dealing with her husband's demise with extraordinary bravery & professionalism. May departed soul rest in peace," he tweeted Saturday.

Mittal said Kaur has been with the broadcast company since it first launched nine years ago.