A former high-priced prostitute was detained by the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) immediately following her release from a prison in Southern California last week. Alix Tichelman, who had just finished serving a sentence for her role in the death of a Google executive, was taken into custody by federal agents in Santa Cruz on March 29 because she was born in Canada despite having dual citizenship in the U.S., according to KSBW, a local TV station.

Tichelman, 30, who was dubbed as the "harbor hooker" and "call girl killer," was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty in May 2015 to felony involuntary manslaughter of Forrest Timothy Hayes. However, she served half of her sentence due to good behavior, according to CBS News.

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"ICE came to the Santa Cruz County Jail at about 5 a.m. and took custody of Miss Tichelman," Sheriff's Sgt. Chris Clark told KSBW.

Tichelman, who has binary citizenship in the U.S. and Canada, according to The Santa Cruz Sentinel, was facing deportation because of her violent and criminal past, officials said. "Anyone with a felony is put in a very special category, and there's virtually no way of preventing their deportation," Santa Cruz County Immigration Project director Doug Keegan said. 

This year marked the fifth time ICE agents have arrived at the Santa Cruz County jail to detain an inmate upon their release, Clarke said.

Tichelman, who also pleaded guilty to administering drugs, had injected Hayes, 51, with heroin in 2014 before he fell unconscious on a yacht, police said. Video surveillance showed Tichelman trying to revive Hayes but was unsuccessful. She then stepped over the millionaire’s body, but not before drinking a red glass of wine, and left without calling for help. The couple was having sex and doing drugs, police said.

Hayes' body was discovered the next morning on his yacht at the Santa Cruz Harbor.

Tichelman was arrested eight months after Hayes’ death. During that time, she was living with her parents in Northern California. It was not clear when her family migrated to the U.S.

Despite President Donald Trump’s tight immigration policies that have prioritized deporting undocumented immigrants with violent, criminal records, the California Senate passed a "sanctuary state" bill Monday that will restrict local and state law enforcement from working alongside with federal immigration enforcement, the Sacramento Bee reported.

"We are trying to make our communities safer and be intelligent about this," Sen. President Pro Tem Kevin de León said. "No rhetoric and no bluster."