Following the release of the popular Marvel movie “Black Widow,” the film’s star Scarlett Johansson has filed a lawsuit against Disney for breaching her contract.

On Thursday, Johansson filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court accusing the studio of violating her contract by simultaneously releasing “Black Widow” in theaters and on the Disney+ streaming platform.

The movie was available on the platform through Disney+ Premier Access, which required subscribers to pay an additional $29.99 to watch the film. Court documents claim the dual release breached the contract with Johansson, who was guaranteed “Black Widow” would only be released in theaters.

The lawsuit noted that the move benefited Disney by allowing the media conglomerate to boost its stock and increase its number of subscribers on the streaming platform. However, it cheated Johansson out of a check, which would “largely be based on box office receipts.”

“Disney’s financial disclosures make clear that the very Disney executives who orchestrated this strategy will personally benefit from their and Disney’s misconduct,” the lawsuit states.

The documents also noted that several executives were able to make more than their typical compensation due to the growth of Disney+.

“Why would Disney forgo hundreds of millions of dollars in box office receipts by releasing the Picture in theatres at a time when it knew the theatrical market was ‘weak,’ rather than waiting a few months for that market to recover?” the complaint questions.

“On information and belief, the decision to do so was made at least in part because Disney saw the opportunity to promote its flagship subscription service using the Picture and Ms. Johnasson, thereby attracting new paying monthly subscribers, retaining existing ones, and establishing Disney+ as a must-have service in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”

As of Thursday afternoon, Disney has yet to publicly comment on Johansson’s lawsuit.

Black Widow Marvel's "Black Widow" will release in theaters and on Disney+ with premier access on July 9. Photo: Marvel Studios