Justin Theroux has accused his neighbor of verbally abusing his wife.

Jennifer Aniston's ex-husband, 47, claimed in court documents filed on Friday, Feb. 22 that he heard New York resident Norman Resnicow screaming at his spouse earlier this month, Us Weekly reported. On Feb. 10, Resnicow allegedly hurled verbal abuse at his wife, Barbara Resnicow, for around 10 minutes and repeatedly told her to "shut up."

The "Leftovers" star also wrote in the paperwork that Barbara pleaded with her husband to stop several times, and this apparently prompted Theroux to call the authorities.

“It was clear that she was in distress and that this was not just a civil disagreement, but rather a verbal assault (at least) by Mr. Resnicow against his wife,” the actor alleged in the court documents.

Theroux explained that this was not the first time that Resnicow had done this. This latest incident involving the New York resident also allegedly violated a previous temporary restraining order that had been filed against him by the building's board. According to the actor, the restraining order prohibited Norman from using “abusive language or posture in communications, orally or by written or any other means, with any resident” of his building.

Theroux may have also implied that Norman got physical with his wife. He wrote in the documents that Petra Scott, the building's managing agent, saw Barbara sporting a black eye on Feb. 13. However, Theroux clarified that he could not say for certain if she got the injury from her husband.

Justin Theroux Justin Theroux has filed a suit against his neighbor. Pictured: Justin Theroux on stage during The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences official Academy screening of 'On the Basis of Sex' at MoMA on December 13, 2018 in New York City. Photo: Getty Images/Lars Niki

Norman, who is a lawyer, also issued a statement in response to Theroux's allegations, claiming that he and Scott had been overtaken by a "mob mentality."

The attorney said that he was "disgusted" by Theroux's allegations. He also explained why he had been shouting at his wife that day, saying that he had been forced to raise his voice because Barbara, with whom he has been married for 48 years, had not been wearing her hearing aids. 

“I often have to raise my voice for her to hear me,” he explained. “Even without raising my voice, I tend to speak at a volume higher than typical.”

Norman's wife also denied the allegations, claiming that she got the black eye after a fall, according to new court documents obtained by Us Weekly. She said she had been distracted by a toddler on her way home from the gym at the time.

“As for Norman’s allegedly abusive language, I have never feared for my safety while alone with Norman,” she said.

This is not the first time that Theroux and Norman have gone against each other. Back in May 2017, the "Girl on a Train" star sued his neighbor, alleging that he had been harassed by the lawyer over the renovations he had been making to his apartment, according to the The New York Post. Resnicow countersued a few months later in August.