Meghan Markle spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on her wardrobe for a reason despite accusations that she is overspending, according to a designer.

The Duchess of Sussex is often criticized for spending too much on her outfits. Markle’s clothing expenses are high because she goes for bespoke dresses. Actually, just like Markle, Kate Middleton also wears customized outfits with huge price tags for a reason.

“The thing is having a couture design specially made for you can take several issues into account, definitely another celebrity not wearing the same design,” designer Terry Fox said. “But there is so much more. Of course there is the obvious such as an exacting fit and a beautifully coordinated ensemble with all the best there is of accessories.”

Also, the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex have to follow certain etiquette when it comes to dressing up. Their outfits need to have the correct length, necklines, sleeve length, style lines, and fitting. In addition, the occasion, time of the year and country they are in have to be considered for their wardrobe.

However, unlike Markle, Middleton doesn’t spend so much for her wardrobe. In 2018, the Duchess of Sussex’s estimated cost of royal wardrobe was $517,000, which was six times more than the Duchess of Cambridge’s. Middleton only spent $87,000 for new outfits the previous year.

Speaking on Yahoo News’ “The Royal Box,” veteran royal expert Jennie Bond believes that the public doesn’t like Markle for “terrifically spending huge quantities of money.” The expert added that being “massively extravagant” even if she is a wealthy woman doesn’t play very well to the people, so she has to watch her spending.

One netizen had the same opinion about Markle. She pointed out that the duchess is not disliked due to her heritage and feminist views but for her dishonesty and extreme spending from clothes to renovations.

In related news, Markle is still on maternity leave but she joined the royal family on Trooping the Colour. According to an expert, Prince Harry didn’t look so happy on the said event. However, a few days after, he attended a fundraising concert without Markle and sported a dapper appearance.

Prince Harry stepped out again for a special garden party sans Markle. On the said event, the duke was in good spirits and couldn’t reportedly stop smiling.