Once Meghan Markle and Prince Harry went public with their romance, the two did not shy away from public displays of affection. While the loving gestures made the couple appear to be head over heels for one another, Kate Middleton and Prince William’s lack of public affection have some questioning just how much they care for each other.

Although Kate and William aren’t known for being the most affectionate couple, a body language expert suggested the couple doesn’t feel the need to touch one another in public because of their long term relationship.

Body language expert Tracey Cox told the Express UK Harry and Meghan are still getting to know each other, whereas William and Kate are at ease whenever they are around each other.

“Kate and William are absolute best friends, they are in the companionate stage of the relationship and have a strong tested love,” Cox said.

“They don’t have to do soppy eyes at each other, they don’t have to touch each other every second. One of the reasons is that they have been together for so long and grew up together. They have got high compatibility, whereas Meghan and Harry they are still getting to know each other.”

One of the instances in which Kate and William showed their love for one another was during their 2011 royal wedding. "Those two are not afraid to touch each other, as a matter of fact, it looks like they like to touch each other."

In the 2012 documentary “Kate and William: The First Year,” body language expert Elizabeth Kuhnke revealed the couple had similar body language to what Meghan and Harry displayed on their wedding day.

"They did the kiss, that first kiss, like ‘OK, let's get this one over with.’ But it was the second one which was the real humdinger. It was not rehearsed it was spontaneous and again it showed the passion,” Kuhnke explained.

While Kate and Prince William may not be affectionate in public, behind closed doors they have managed to have a successful marriage and become the parents to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

The couple celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary last month on April 29.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Prince William and Kate Middleton are pictured as they arrive to officially open Dundee’s V&A (Victoria and Albert) museum on Jan. 29, 2019 in Dundee, eastern Scotland. Photo: Neil Hanna/AFP/Getty Images