Maria Borrallo is the nanny in charge of raising Kate Middleton and Prince William’s children, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, to be upstanding members of the royal family. However, there are several rules the Madrid born caretaker must follow and one particular word she is banned from using.

Borrallo, who attended the Norland College in Bath, was hired to tend to Charlotte and now Prince Louis, who was born in April 2018.

Norland expert Louise Heren told the Mirror UK that along with caring for the children, Maria must teach them and install strong values in them. In doing so, she is not allowed to say the word, “kid.”

During her schooling, Maria was taught to called littles one children or by their names. “The word kid is banned. It’s a mark of respect for the children as individuals,” Heren explained.

Maria’s presence allows Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis to lead normal lives.

“I’ve spoken to nannies who have worked with other royal families and life is pretty normal. You get up, have breakfast, you go to school and you wear your school uniform whether you like it or not. It would be quite like the average British school children,” the expert shared.

Although Maria became an employee of the royal to assist Kate and William, the Duchess of Cambridge hasn’t allowed the additional help to affect her parenting.

“Given what we have seen of Catherine when she is out in public, she’s very hands on. I imagine her relationship with Maria is very close and they collaborate greatly on the care of the children,” Heren said.

In 2017, Kate introduced the mental health documentary “Out of the Blue” and reflected on the importance of not allowing doubts in parenting hinder the ability to become a better person.

“You just have to make it up and do the very best you can to care for your family. For many mothers, myself included, this can, at times lead to lack of confidence and feelings of ignorance,” she said.

Throughout the ups and downs of parenting, Kate revealed struggling and seeking help “should not be seen as a sign of weakness.”

Prince George and Princess Charlotte
Prince George and Princess Charlotte must live by a strict set of rules. Prince William, arrives with Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the Lindo Wing after Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to their son at St Mary’s Hospital on April 23, 2018 in London, England. Gareth Cattermole/Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images