After Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ split, she made several decisions that changed the public’s perception of the royal family. Since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, she has failed to measure up to the graceful reputation Diana was praised for. 

While some expected Meghan to become Princess Diana 2.0, a former royal private secretary claimed the women are very different due to a “strange decision” that Meghan made. 

Patrick Jephson previously told the Daily Mail that Princess Diana wouldn’t have approved of Meghan’s New York City baby shower. The celebration was heavily criticized by British taxpayers, who thought the event was unnecessary.

The royal expert claimed Diana would have known better than to throw such an extravagant gathering. “Over and over again I was struck by Diana’s instinctive understanding of what looked bad,” he said.

“She knew when she got it wrong, which was rare, and she knew how to keep it looking right. She realized how important that was because monarchy is seen so much not through what they say, or the details of their accounts, or who did what when.”

Jephson believed Princess Diana would have considered Meghan’s private flight to NYC unacceptable. “It’s the image, the pattern, the repeated behavior over an extended time. That’s how people perceive them,” he said.

The royal expert claimed Megahn’s mistake was failing to understand her new life, and how she was a representation of the monarchy.

“In royal business, particularly if you adopt a high profile, what counts is not the details of the explanation, but how it looks, and how it fits into an existing pattern. To have the New York baby shower was a strange decision,” Jephson explained.

Although the commentator claimed Princess Diana may have been able to stop Meghan from making certain mistakes by offering her guidance, the Duchess of Sussex has shown no signs of regret about her unconventional decisions since joining the royal family.