Las Vegas -- Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin, with the help of STXfilms, are bringing a true story of lovers stranded a sea to life with the film “Adrift.”

On Tuesday, during the studio’s CinemaCon slate presentation in Las Vegas, the actors and director Baltasar Kormákur previewed the action/adventure drama for audiences and revealed the intense process of making the film in the elements.

“Adrift” follows a couple, Richard and Tami, played by Claflin and Woodley, respectively, who decide to embark on an extensive journey. Along the way, their boat gets caught in the crosshairs of a deadly hurricane and tragedy ensues, forcing the two to win out against nature to stay alive.

“The result is powerful,” STXfilms Chairman Adam Fogelson told exhibitors and press Tuesday after previewing an extended trailer.

While the entire film does not take place on the ocean, the film’s water portions were shot on location, a feat the director and the cast made sure to note.

“I wasn’t confident,” Kormákur admitted to Fogelson of wanting to film on the water. “I’m a strong believer in trying to use the nature and every element” he added, saying doing so “creates a journey for the audience.”

While the results speak for themselves, up to six works spent filming on the open sea did take its toll. Kormákur said within hours of their first day on the water, there was a noticeable amount of seasickness among the cast. Woodley quipped those were “good memories” for the crew.

“It was a rollercoaster ride from the get-go,” Claflin dished of his performance. Despite the rough circumstances his character faces in the film, he said he was honored to be “rubbing shoulders” with Woodley each day.

“This whole thing has been such a big journey,” Woodley said of her own experience. After being presented the script by friends of hers, she revealed she became a “passionate advocate” for the project which she said exemplifies the power of “human will.”

“I feel like its a feat in filmmaking,” Woodley said. “It’s a really rare opportunity.”

“Adrift” sails into theaters on June 1.

shailene woodley sam claflin adrift
(L-R) Director Baltasar Kormakur, actors Sam Claflin and Shailene Woodley are pictured speaking onstage during CinemaCon on April 24, 2018 in Las Vegas. Ethan Miller/Getty Images for CinemaCon