• Officers found scattered body parts all over the house
  • Sulphuric acid and urea were also recovered from the house
  • Police said the man was murdered five days before the explosion

In a horrific incident, a woman murdered her husband and chopped up his body with the help of her lover. She then tried to dissolve the body parts in chemicals and inadvertently caused an explosion that alerted neighbors and the police.

The gruesome incident happened in the Indian state of Bihar Saturday, reported The Times Of India. The incident came to light after the chemicals used to dissolve the man's body exploded at night.

Police were alerted about an explosion at an apartment in Balughat by the woman's neighbors. Officers who reached the explosion site discovered scattered pieces of a dead body inside the flat.

Chemicals including urea, sulphuric acid and salt, which were allegedly used to decompose the body, were also found. Human remains were also found stuffed inside a plastic container. A knife, hammer and packets of bleaching powder were also seen nearby.

The dead man has been identified as Rakesh Kumar from the village of Balughat. Rakesh was reportedly under the police radar for manufacturing illicit liquor.

However, it came to light that Rakesh's wife had been having an affair with his business partner, Subhash. The duo decided to murder Rakesh so that they can live together. They strangled Rakesh to death after offering him a sedative-laced drink.

"The post-mortem report revealed that the victim was killed five days before the recovery of his body. The windows were shut, and the room was locked from outside," a senior police official told The Times Of India.

"A Forensic Science Laboratory team collected evidence from the spot on Sunday. Its report is awaited," he added.

Though the victim's sister-in-law came to their house after failing to hear from him, the accused, Radha, lied to her that Rakesh had gone away for a business meeting.

Police said Radha and four others, including her lover Subhash, are absconding.

A similar incident was reported in India wherein a woman set her husband on fire following an argument. Her lover allegedly dropped a boulder on the victim to make sure he was dead. Police said the couple had been having frequent arguments over the wife's alleged affair with another man. During one such altercation, the woman, in a fit of rage, picked up a can of petrol and emptied it on her husband before setting him on fire.

Representational image. Pixabay