• The complainant said her husband allegedly forced her into having sex with others
  • Over 5,000 members were present on some of the couple-sharing groups
  • Some husbands accepted money for providing their wives to other men, cops say

A complaint filed by an Indian woman led to the police busting a massive wife-swapping racket that involved more than 1,000 couples in the state of Kerala. Seven people, including the complainant’s husband, were taken into custody for their alleged involvement.

Investigators said that couples, who were part of the network, would exchange wives or have threesomes after meeting on social media platforms such as Messenger, Telegram and Facebook. While some of the married women were interested, others such as the wife, who lodged the complaint with the police, were coerced by their husbands into performing sexual acts they were not comfortable with, according to the Times of India.

Cops said the complainant and her husband were in love with each other before they tied the knot. While speaking to investigators, the wife said her husband met people on the couple-sharing group and exhibited her to other members. She also accused her husband of forcing her into having sexual relations with another man.

“The woman was disturbed and confessed that she couldn't survive,” said a police officer involved in the case.

“Many wives who are forced into this against their wishes are showing suicidal tendencies and so we need to investigate with extreme care,” the officer added. “Almost 90% of the women are not comfortable with it, they are brainwashed into this.”

Local reports say that more than 1,000 couples were involved in the racket, and some of the active online groups even had over 5,000 members. Investigators also noted that there were instances where husbands took money from other men for letting their wives have sexual relations with them.

“The modus operandi is to first join the Telegram and Messenger groups and then two or three couples meet periodically,” a senior police official told news agency IANS, as reported by News18. “After that, women are exchanged, and there were even instances of a woman being shared by three men at a time. Money also changed hands as some single members in the group with some men providing their wives for money for a day of physical relationship."

Some of the individuals involved in the nefarious activities included professionals such as doctors and lawyers that used fake identities on the online groups. Cops said they canceled their identities after investigators raided the online platforms.

As investigations continue, cops revealed that 25 people are under observation. More arrests are likely to ensue in connection with the wife-swapping racket.

Representation. Pixabay