The photos of a jaguar eating a snake and an orangutan wearing boxing gloves were among 25 other entries shortlisted at the LUMIX People’s Choice Award for Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Considered to be the largest wildlife photography competition in the world, the international event owned by the Natural History Museum, London, first took place in 1964. The event this year included a variety of featured pictures taken by photographers from all around the globe with almost 48,000 images.

The shortlisted images included a photo of a mother-son jaguar pair biting and dragging an anaconda snake out of the water. The photo originated from Pantanal, Brazil. Another image showed two whales, a female humpback whale and her male calf. The duo was spotted diving off the coast in Tonga.

An image of an orangutan wearing a boxing glove and waiting in the ring for its performance was shortlisted in the contest. The image showed the use of such animals in demeaning acts in Bangkok and many other places around the world.

The shortlisted photos also included a giant panda sitting in a cage at a breeding center in China, two polar bear cubs playing in their mother’s lap in a national park in Canada, a school of red-tooth triggerfish in the Philippines, a female puma waking up from sleep in the South American region of Patagonia, a penguin couple playing with a snowball in Antarctica among many others.

The competition judge and executive director of science at the Natural History Museum, Tim Littlewood said, “The LUMIX People’s Choice images capture the essence of the competition; they all ignite a reaction about the natural world and make you see it differently .”

Littlewood added, “Showcasing breathtaking beauty, compassion and cruelty, it is impossible not to be moved by them – I think everyone who votes has a tough decision to make!”

Samson, a male tiger, will leave on Sunday for the "Primadomus" Wildlife Refuge in Spain
Samson, a male tiger, will leave on Sunday for the "Primadomus" Wildlife Refuge in Spain AFP / Wojtek RADWANSKI