Fans of the Netflix popular anthology series "Black Mirror" (and there’s a lot) will have to keep being patient. As of right now, the streaming service hasn’t officially renewed the sci-fi program for a new season.

This isn't a bad thing, though, as Netflix has a reputation for being lowkey. Even though the service has not technically announced a new season, writer Charlie Brooker and executive producer Annabel Jones have made it clear that they are not done working on the adored series.

Jones told Digital Spy in May, ahead of the release of the most recent episodes, that potential future seasons could feature one-offs, similar to the interactive film "Bandersnatch," spin-offs, or could continue with ongoing stories.

Brooker also told Digital Spy that “'Black Mirror' is a flavour, and a tone. We have some, fairly wobbly, internal rules about what it is and isn’t right for a 'Black Mirror' episode that be never really articulate out loud, but it does feel pretty flexible.”

Should "Black Mirror" make a comeback to Netflix, though, the wait may be a long one. As stated by Radio Times, the release of "Bandersnatch" delayed Season 5 and brought down the episode count from its previous six to just three installments.

"Don’t be surprised if we have to wait until the back half of 2020 for more 'Black Mirror,'" the outlet noted.

Black Mirror
A promo picture for Netflix's "Black Mirror" series. Netflix