Cissy Houston says that the TV deal the family signed with Lifetime is meant to launch Bobbi Kristina Brown's singing career, but could she have an ulterior motive of keeping Bobbi Kris off drugs?

According to TMZ, the family inked a deal with Lifetime for a reality TV show based on how Bobbi Kristina Brown is coping in the wake of her mother's tragic death in February, and Cissy Houston – Whitney's mother – thinks it's a great idea! Cissy Houston knows BK shares Whitney's passion for music, TMZ's source tells them, and she believes a reality show could be the perfect place to showcase Bobbi's talent.

The source also told TMZ that Cissy thinks a reality show will help with the healing process by keeping the family as one – and after all, who among us hasn't enjoyed the warm embrace of our family during a reality TV series? – but also notes that she's pleased that the extended family will earn money from the deal, raising eyebrows among some.

But past tidbits of gossip suggest that Cissy may have a more noble – if not actually realistic – goal: to keep Bobbi Kristina off drugs and on the right path.

Stories and even videos of Bobbi Kristina Brown's drinking and drug use have emerged following Whitney Houston's death, and the family was apparently so concerned for B.K.'s well-being that they held a (failed) intervention for her in April, according to Radar Online.

Everyone is worried sick about Krissy, Star wrote – and understandably so, since Whitney's years of cocaine use and mixing of alcohol and anti-anxiety medication contributed to her death in February. Her aunt Pat got a number of her friends and family to come to Atlanta, Star continued, and have a serious talk with her about her sobriety.

Though the intervention didn't work, the family did dangle one carrot in front of Bobbi Kristina Brown: a music career.

Running out of options, the family brought Whitney's longtime manager and friend Clive Davis to speak to Bobbi Kristina, and to try to turn her away from a life of drugs and partying and towards a musical career (because obviously it's impossible to abuse drugs while you're in the spotlight!).

Clive keeps telling Bobbi she needs to go to rehab, Star's source said, and that if she does, he'll help launch her music career. He's doing everything he can.