Tonight, The CW’s airing the Season 2 finale of the Canadian legal drama it acquired, “Burden of Truth,” starring Kristin Kreuk and Peter Mooney.

After Sunday’s episode ends, though, will that be the last fans get to see of Kreuk’s Joanna and Mooney’s Billy solving cases and arguing them in a court of law?

Luckily, a decision about the show getting renewed or canceled has already been made.

CBC, the network which airs “Burden of Truth” in Canada, announced its Season 3 pickup of the show back in March, only a month after it finished airing Season 2. The CW, on the other hand, renewed its deal to keep airing the show for another season a few days before it started airing Season 2, according to TVLine.

That means U.S. viewers will get to watch Season 3 of “Burden of Truth” and won’t be left hanging.

There’s no return date set yet for episode 1 of the new season, but as The CW has premiered the first two during the summer, it’s likely the network will choose to keep the legal drama as a summer series and premiere Season 3 in the summer of 2020.

Viewers don’t have to worry about the show’s hiatus just yet, though, because there’s still the Season 2 finale for fans watch first.

Airing tonight, episode 8, titled “The Right Road,” was written by Brad Simpson and directed by Doug Mitchell.

According to the synopsis, here’s what to expect from the broadcast:

“As the murder trial begins, Joanna (Kristin Kreuk) and Billy (Peter Mooney) defend against an avalanche of evidence. With things not looking good, Joanna risks everything by putting an unexpected witness on the stand. Billy faces the heartbreaking reality of his decision to get Shane (Andrew Chown) the help he needs.”

Catch the Season 2 finale of “Burden of Truth” when it airs on The CW on Sunday at 8 p.m. EDT.