Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 8

Last week it was reported that Nokia’s Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 device would be exclusive to AT&T, and now information on another mid-range Windows Phone 8 variation has been revealed. T-Mobile USA announced Monday that it plans to exclusively carry Nokia’s Lumia 810, but did not specify when it will be available.

The Lumia 810 is a version of Nokia’s Lumia 820 that is specifically built for T-Mobile’s network. The Lumia 820 is one of two Windows Phone 8 devices that were announced in early September when Microsoft and Nokia held a joint press conference. The 920 is a higher-end device comparable to Apple’s iPhone 4S, while the 820 is simpler and less expensive smartphone in the mid-range category.

T-Mobile’s coming Windows Phone 8 device will feature a 4.3-inch screen and interchangeable covers. It slightly differs from the Lumia 820 in appearance and contains an 8-megapixel rear camera and support for wireless charging through its additional covers. It will also come with support for T-Mobile’s 4G network, but no pricing information has been revealed at this time.

The carrier said on its website that the Windows Phone 8 variant will come to its network in the “coming weeks,” leaving a somewhat vague impression of when it plans to roll out the device. The Lumia 810 is likely to make its way to T-Mobile on Oct. 29 or shortly after, since that is when Microsoft will be holding a special Windows Phone 8 event. Unlike its previous occasion, which unveiled the new smartphone platform, this will be a solo Microsoft endeavor.

“The Nokia Lumia 810 gives customers speedy, 4G access to T-Mobile’s nationwide network and the content and features they want, whenever they need it,” Andrew Morrison, VP of product management for T-Mobile USA, said in a written statement. “From navigation tools to an enhanced camera, the Lumia 810 provides a great value and a high-quality experience.”

The release date for Microsoft’s next-generation operating system, Windows 8, is only a few short weeks away. It will be available for purchase on Oct. 26 and the company will be holding another event the previous day to commemorate its official launch. Microsoft is also expected to release more information on its Surface tablet, which will hit stores at midnight on Oct. 26 at its various retail locations.