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  • White Orchard has a number of notable items for players to get
  • Weapons and armor stats depend on item level
  • The merchant near White Orchard has several good items for sale

There are plenty of weapons and gear pieces to choose from in "The Witcher 3," but some can perform at higher levels than others.

Even in the early game (around Level 15 and below), players can find some very useful items that can set them up for the majority of the first and second acts of the main storyline.

Here are some of the best gear scattered across the first few areas in "The Witcher 3."

Serpent School Swords

Two of the earliest powerful upgrades players can get at the start of the game are the Serpent school swords, which can be crafted after obtaining their blueprints.

The Serpentine Silver Sword's diagram can be picked off a corpse in the crypt of the White Orchard Cemetery. It is guarded by a Level 7 Wraith, though it is not terribly hard to fight even at Level 1.

Meanwhile, the Serpentine Steel Sword is tucked inside a chest at the Amavet Fortress Ruins. There will be a small group of Deserters in the camp, so come prepared.

The Witcher 3 - serpent swords
The Serpentine swords can be found on these locations in White Orchard The Witcher 3

Temerian Armor

Bram, the merchant near the White Orchard Inn, has a number of armor sets for sale. This includes the Temerian set, which offers a significant upgrade to Geralt's defensive stats early in the game.

This set provides a flat Armor increase, as well as extra percentage-based resistances against all damage sources physical and elemental damage sources.

Nilfgaardian Armor

Once players reach Level 10, they can purchase the Nilfgaardian armor set from the quartermaster at the Crow's Perch. This set offers even more protection than the Temerian armor, and it also grants players access to the House of in southeastern Velen.

Barber-Surgeon Sword

The Barber-Surgeon Sword is a relic weapon that can be obtained by going to a Guarded Treasure POI located southeast of Fyke Isle. The sword is guarded by a Level 14 Alghoul. Unlike the Wraith from the cemetery, this monster is much stronger, so be sure to bring upgraded gear, oils and potions to make the fight a little easier.

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