• "The Witcher" drew bigger demand inquiries over "The Mandalorian" for the week of Dec. 28
  • "The Witcher" had 127 million demand requests in the U.S. to "The Mandalorian's" 115 million
  • "The Witcher" second most-popular show on Netflix in the U.S. behind "Stranger Things"

New viewer numbers revealed that “The Witcher” beat out “The Mandalorian” as the most popular show in the world.

The numbers come from data firm Parrot Analytics, which measures and reports television content consumption across the globe. Its report said Netflix’s new fantasy show was the world's most popular television program for the week of Dec. 28, beating out Disney+’s flagship Star Wars show. In the U.S. specifically, “The Witcher” was on top with 127 million demand expressions to “The Mandalorian’s” 115 million.

Netflix also said “The Witcher” is the second biggest show on the streaming service in the U.S. behind “Stranger Things.”

“The Witcher's' immediate worldwide success highlights the impact that a binge-released series can have on driving audience demand,” a Parrot Analytics representative told reporters. “Its success is also crucial for Netflix heading into the 2020s as the streamer fights off new SVOD players and declining global digital original demand share.”

Both shows have proven to be runaway successes for their respective streaming services.

“The Mandalorian” premiered on Nov. 12, introducing Star Wars fans to the titular bounty hunter played by Pedro Pascal. The show launched to rave reviews from fans and critics, scoring a 94% and 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, respectively. It was also littered with easter eggs and surprises, from “Baby Yoda” in episode 1 to the final shot of Moff Gideon wielding the infamous Darksaber.

"The Witcher" debuted on Dec. 20, starring Henry Cavill as the titular monster hunter, Geralt of Rivia. It has proven to be a hit with viewers despite mixed reviews from critics, scoring a 93% viewer score to the critics’ 59% on Rotten Tomatoes. Viewers were also introduced to The Continent, a mass of land littered with warring kingdoms, powerful mages, and dangerous monsters Geralt must navigate throughout the first season.

The Mandalorian
Giancarlo Esposito plays an underworld character in "The Mandalorian" TV series. Star Wars/Facebook