• A woman has been charged with kindaping and robbery in Roturua
  • She forced a man with a knife to drive to an ATM and withdraw an unspecified amount
  • It is not clear yet whether the victim and the suspect knew each other

A woman is being accused of forcibly kidnapping a man and making him drive her from Cambridge to Rotorua.

The woman is currently facing allegations of armed kidnapping since she had a knife as a weapon when she attacked the man.

The alleged kidnapper also made him withdraw an unspecified amount of money from an ATM.

A police spokesperson said the kidnapper is a thirty-five-year-old woman, and she was due in court on Wednesday.

The case was to be held at the Rotorua District Court.

The authorities stated the woman would be officially charged with aggravated robbery and kidnapping.

In their report, the Police mentioned a sixty-six-year-old man who had reported his kidnapping, saying that the woman made him drive the eighty-five-kilometer distance from Cambridge to Rotorua, and robbed him.

The Police in Rotorua were alerted about the incident at around 8 pm in the evening.

The police spokesperson explained investigations were still ongoing, but it was still not clear if the kidnapper and victim had a relationship or knew each other.

In other news, three teenagers are in custody awaiting to be arraigned in the youth court at Tauranga on Wednesday after the three were arrested for suspicion of stealing another teen's backpack.

The incident took place in Michaels Way in Judea.

The Police are also appealing for any information concerning the whereabouts of a missing Tauranga man from the public. They implied they have serious fears concerning the safety and wellbeing of the missing man.

Julian James Varley is a thirty-one-year-old male who has not been seen since 23rd January 2020 after he went missing.

The last time Varley was seen alive was on CCTV footage taken from the Poike roundabout on State Highway 36 in Tauranga.

Julian's car would later be found destroyed after the vehicle was set on fire.

The Police said the missing man had not made any contact with family or friends and had neither used his cellular phone nor accessed his bank account.

According to the Police, they were not sure about the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the man.

The Police said they had a team of numerous qualified detectives working the case, and anyone with information could give it anonymously through Crimestoppers mobile, or contact the Police.

The woman has not yet given a plea to the charges set against her. Family and friends have also not given comment on the matter.

Kidnapping Pixabay