• The 19-year-old reportedly elbowed an agent in the head, resulting in a concussion
  • At least two TSA officers were taken to hospital for treatment
  • TSA called it an 'unprovoked and brazen physical attack'

An Arkansas woman was arrested for allegedly assaulting three Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport after an argument over apple juice.

The woman, identified as Makiah Coleman, 19, from Little Rock, physically attacked the officers as she was going through airport security around 6 a.m. Tuesday. As per court documents, Coleman got upset after TSA officers took away her juice box, noting that huge quantities of liquids aren't allowed through security checks, New York Daily reported.

She began shouting while retrieving the juice from a disposal bin, however, a TSA agent pushed her back from the barrier, authorities said Wednesday.

Shortly after, Coleman engaged in an altercation with officers, biting one of them, elbowing and punching another in the head, and holding a third official's ponytail, according to court documents. She then reportedly attempted to climb onto the barrier and a table between her and an agent.

As one agent attempted to grab her to control her and remove her from the table, Coleman reportedly elbowed him in the head, resulting in a concussion. This prompted other employees to get her to sit on a bench to "cool her down."

Two TSA officers were taken to the hospital for injuries and later released. The chaos forced the checkpoint to close that morning, Kait8 reported.

"Unfortunately, this situation not only resulted in our TSA officers being injured but inconvenienced approximately 450 travelers," Lorie Dankers, TSA spokesperson, told the outlet. Dankers further termed it as an "unprovoked and brazen physical attack."

Coleman was taken into custody by Phoenix police and was charged with misdemeanor assault, one count of criminal damage and a low-level felony count of aggravated assault. She was held on a $4,500 bond.

During interrogation with detectives, Coleman revealed she got angry when she had to "leave security to get food and then come back through security." She added the security took her apple juice, further alleging that an agent hung up her phone while she was on a call with her mother. She said she "kinda blacked out" and denied biting any of the agents, as per 12News.

TSA noted any threat, verbal abuse, or physical violence against TSA employees could result in criminal penalties and fines of up to $14,000.

"We continue to monitor the recoveries of the employees involved and are cooperating fully with the ongoing investigation. TSA will also pursue independent enforcement actions against the traveler," Dankers added.

TSA employees check travelers at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Aug. 6, 2002. Getty Images