A 31-year-old woman was attacked by three large dogs in her father's backyard in Ohio and was rushed to a hospital with severe injuries.

Austintown Police received calls about a woman screaming for help Sunday night. Officers were stopped by another woman who directed them to the place from where she heard "yelling and dogs barking," police said in their report.

Officers arrived at the location and jumped over the fence to make their way to the victim, who was surrounded by three large dogs in the backyard. The dogs were reportedly Bullmastiffs, and one of them had blood around its mouth, according to WKBN.

The woman's clothes were ripped off during the vicious attack. She was in her bra and underwear and was "covered in blood, mud and dog feces" when officers found her. The skin on her arms and lower body was ripped open, and there was a pool of blood around her head.

Officers distracted the dogs with the lasers in their tasers. Some of the officers moved the dogs away, while others moved the woman toward a fence. A neighbor also reportedly assisted in pulling the woman toward the locked gate.

After getting the gate open, the woman was given medical attention at the scene before she was taken to the hospital with severe injuries. One officer placed a tourniquet on her knee to slow down the bleeding, the Kansas City Star reported.

"While waiting for a pair of bolt (cutters) I used my personal tourniquet and applied it to the (female's) leg due to severe dog bites around the knee area," the officer noted.

Officers contacted the homeowner and were told that the victim was his daughter. He added that his other daughter was on her way to the house. When she arrived, she confirmed that two of the three dogs belonged to her father, while the third one belonged to someone else.

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