A woman in Kenya has been arrested for killing her 3-year-old son following a dispute with her husband.

On Sunday night, 34-year-old Faith Chepkemoi killed her younger son by hitting him on the neck with a piece of firewood at her home in the city of Nakuru. The woman’s husband and their 5-year-old son had gone out when the incident took place.

The woman then placed the boy’s body on the bed and covered him with a blanket before screaming for help. Neighbors rushed to the home and found the boy’s lifeless body under the blanket. When questioned, Chepkemoi claimed she had no idea how the boy died, Kenya News Agency reported.

Police were informed about the incident. Chepkemoi was detained for questioning during which she confessed to the crime.

She told the investigators she had a long-standing dispute with her husband and was in love with another man. She wanted to marry her lover and was planning to elope with him Monday morning.

Chepkemoi decided to kill her son before eloping as she did not want any memories of him. This was also a way to cut all ties with her husband, she said, Nairobi Wire reported.

Following the confession, she was taken into custody. Chepkemoi remained in jail as of Monday and was set to appear in court later this week.

Investigation into the incident was ongoing and the boy’s body has been sent for an autopsy.

The incident comes weeks after a man in India hacked his two minor daughters to death with a crowbar after suspecting his wife of having an extra-marital affair. The man, identified as 38-year-old Murugan, also attacked his wife when she attempted to save her daughters. The woman was hospitalized in a critical condition.

The accused was taken into custody. Investigation revealed hours before the incident, the accused had left the home following a heated argument with his wife. He returned and attacked his two daughters, killing them on the spot.

This image shows a pair of handcuffs at the Commissariat de Police Nationale (National Police Station) in Alfortville, France, Nov. 21, 2016. THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty Images