woman in handcuffs
23-year-old Sabita Dookram was arrested for allegedly throwing her newborn baby outside a bathroom window. Getty Images/John Moore

A Louisiana woman was arrested for beating her boyfriend with his prosthetic leg after he tried to end their relationship, police said Monday. Michelle Jackson, 58, was booked with aggravated battery April 10, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

The violent incident took place Feb. 11 when the couple was drinking alcohol, and at one point, the victim told Jackson he wanted to date someone else. The man later went to sleep but woke up early the next morning with a large cut on his head. He also noticed he was bleeding from his head and had injuries on his hand, Capt. Jason Rivarde told local media.

Jackson told a relative she beat up the victim with his prosthetic leg and also stabbed him. However, medical authorities did not find any stab wounds on the man. According to police, Jackson called a relative and friend because she thought she had killed the man.

After a complaint was filed, police tracked Jackson down at her home and arrested her last week. They booked her into the Jefferson parish correctional center where she was being held without bond, Fox News reported.

The current condition of the man remained unclear as of early Tuesday. It also remained unclear if Jackson would serve any jail time for the attack. Further details about the incident were yet to be revealed.

In another recent incident, a Texas woman allegedly assaulted her common-law husband after he didn't respond when she asked if she was pretty. Lizeth Guadalupe Ramirez, 20, was arrested last week after the alleged incident. She allegedly told investigators the man assaulted her and tried to strangle her. However, police got a conflicting story from her common-law husband.

The victim said they were watching a movie when Ramirez asked him if she was pretty. He said he did not hear the question, but Ramirez got irritated because of the lack of response and attacked him. Ramirez was charged with two counts of assault and family violence.