A 53-year-old woman in Thailand was fatally electrocuted while playing a game on her mobile phone that was charging.

Local media reports identified the woman as Yooyen Saenprasert. According to the records of the Udon Thani Region Police, the woman had received the phone as a birthday present two days earlier from her husband. On the day of the incident, the woman was lying on the bed while using the phone. The victim's husband was not at home when the incident took place on May 6.

“My wife didn't move when I tried to wake her up. I knew something was very wrong at the time,” the Google translate for Corienteshoy quoted the victim's husband as saying. The victim's husband has been identified as Praiwan Saenprasert. "We only had each other. We did not have a child."

The police report claimed Saenprasert had three bruises on her right hand, suggesting that she had suffered a severe electric shock, News18 reported. The body was sent for an autopsy to confirm the cause of death. Paramedics at the scene said the woman had been dead for more than four hours before her body was found.

The victim was a resident of Udon Thani province in northeastern Thailand. The Viral Press shared a video showing the woman lying on bed. Her husband told Viral Press his wife loved playing games while in bed.

Last year in December, a Russian woman died of electrocution after accidentally dropping her iPhone 8 in her bath while it was charging. The victim was identified as 24-year-old Olesya Semenova. The woman suffered a massive electric shock and was found dead by her friend Daria at their home in Arkhangelsk. Paramedics arrived at the scene and found the woman dead.

"I screamed, shook her, but she was pale, did not breathe and showed no signs of life," Semenova's friend told the emergency operator at the time, adding that she had tried to touch Semenova but got an electric shock. "There was a smartphone in the water and it was charging," she said.

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