A woman in Australia was left terrified when she entered her kitchen and found a huge snake relaxing on the window sill.

Snake catcher Stuart McKenzie with the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 took to Facebook on Tuesday to share the incident.

"A lady walked into her kitchen when she got the fright of her life when she looked out through her bi-fold windows to discover a huge healthy coastal carpet python relaxing on the window sill," he wrote.

The woman immediately called McKenzie, who rushed to the residence to rescue the reptile. McKenzie said that by the time he arrived, the python "was on the move."

A video of the rescue, shared by McKenzie, shows the snake slithering in the backyard of the home. McKenzie immediately grabs the snake with his bare hands and shows it to the camera. He says in the video that the python "is one of the biggest snakes he has caught in a while."

The snake catcher then places the reptile in a bag and released it into the wild. McKenzie called the python "a hefty gentle giant" and said it was around 9 feet long.

The video has since gone viral with people calling it a "beautiful" snake.

"Gorgeous snake so good to see it back in the bush," one person commented.

"That thing is HUGE!!!" wrote another user.

Some users also shared their recent encounters with pythons.

"Looks like the giant I had the other day..that’s a 4 plus foot drop," wrote one user.

"This one was on our neighbour's fence this morning in Redbank Plains, he was left to move back into the bush," another person wrote, along with a photo of the python.

Last month, a pet owner in Australia’s Nambour managed to get her dog away from a deadly Eastern Brown snake after finding the canine and reptile face-to-face in the backyard of her home. McKenzie shared the rescue video on Facebook, which soon went viral, receiving over 10,000 views within four hours.

Representational image Getty Images/ Joe Raedle