A fight between two families over a WhatsApp status resulted in the death of a 48-year-old woman in India. The brawl occurred on Feb. 10, a day before the woman's death, and was reported in Palghar in the state of Maharashtra.

The WhatsApp status in question was put up by the deceased woman’s 20-year-old daughter, Preeti Prasad. According to cops, the girl’s 17-year-old friend, who lives in the same neighborhood, was riled up by the content of the status and decided to confront her about it. The teen was accompanied by her mother, sister, and brother when she went to Preeti’s house Thursday, according to India Today.

Preeti’s mother, Lilavati Devi Prasad, also got involved in the clash. The confrontation quickly escalated into a fight between the two families and ended with Lilavati sustaining rib injuries. The mother was rushed to the hospital but did not make it. She passed away a day after the feud, on Feb. 11.

Cops noted that the victim was suffering from other medical issues prior to the incident. However, they said she succumbed to the internal injuries sustained during the fight. Investigators charged the teenager, her mother, brother and sister in connection with the incident.

“We arrested the mother, brother and sister over Saturday and Sunday. They were produced before a magistrate court and police have got their custody till February 15,” said police officer, Suresh Kadam, according to the Indian Express. “I cannot disclose the Whatsapp status but there was no need for the minor to take it personally.”

The teenager, meanwhile, was placed in a correction home for juveniles. Although the police did not reveal details about the WhatsApp status, there was “nothing specific in the status about the 17-year-old girl or anyone else,” officer Kadam said.

An unrelated incident reported in September 2021 in India saw a teen girl taking her own life after a fight with her younger brother over a mobile game. The 16-year-old girl consumed rat poison and ended her life as she was upset with her sibling who did not let her play the game she wanted.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay