A 31-year-old woman in Brazil killed her two young children because she was unable to provide for them, and kept their decomposing bodies on her bed for 15 days. She was arrested later.

Eliara Paz Nardes faces charges of murder, concealing the bodies, and procedural fraud. Police discovered the bodies of the woman's 9-year-old daughter Alice Nardes de Oliveira and her 3-year-old son Joaquim Nardes Jardins at her apartment in Brazil on Aug. 27, 7 News reported Thursday.

According to the report, Nardes spoke to her lawyer friend and confessed to having murdered her daughter and son 14 days after the incident. The lawyer then alerted the authorities and they discovered the decomposing bodies covered in blankets and lying on the woman's bed.

"When we entered the apartment, in her room, we found the kids lying down," police spokesperson Ana Hass said. Even though they appeared to be sleeping in the bed, they were actually dead and had already started to decompose, the spokesperson added.

The mother told police that she was burdened by her inability to take care of her children and provide for them. She could no longer financially and emotionally support her young children, who had different fathers, BBC News reported.

"As a result, she said she intended to kill herself, but as the children had no one to count on, according to her, she ended up killing them first," Hass said.

According to the police spokesperson, Nardes said that "the boy was killed by suffocation with a pillow and, later, the girl was strangled with a scarf." However, the authorities are waiting for a report to confirm this.

Police said that the woman claims that she killed her children on the same day. But, evidence shows that the boy was killed on the 13th [August] and the girl on the 17th due to the state of the bodies, the outlet reported.

"If this is proven, the girl would have remained with her brother's body for four days," the police spokesperson said, adding that the current findings show that murders were well-planned crimes.

"Everything indicates that it was premeditated. We cannot say this with certainty, but based on the dynamics of the facts, it is possible to confirm this with some degree of certainty," the official said.

"She wrote letters during the time she stayed with the children in the apartment... so she rehearsed a defense strategy, once again apologizing and coming up with her justifications, mainly regarding the financial issue, reporting that the boy's father was never present and that his family was not around either," the spokesperson added.

Police said Nardes didn't show any signs of remorse over what happened. She had, in fact, continued her routine activities and had gone to work even after her children's death.

The woman is still being held in a pre-trial facility while the inquiry is ongoing.

Representation. A mother killed her two children and stayed with their decomposing bodies. Pixabay