A woman fell in the tiny gap between an incoming train and the railway platform and miraculously survived to tell the tale.

Identified only as Candela, the woman was captured on surveillance footage waiting for her train while other commuters were milling about the busy station, located on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. A train was seen rapidly making its way into the station when Candela began losing balance and wobbling forward, according to LOCAL 12.

Candela said she lost consciousness and stumbled forward towards the train at the Independencia station. The short clip, captured on March 29, went on to show the woman falling onto the tracks through the gap between the platform and the carriage. Onlookers were shocked, and some even covered their eyes as the haunting incident unfolded.

In an interview with A24, the woman revealed she is still unsure of the exact events that led to her winding up under the train.

“The reality of what happened is not known. My blood pressure dropped and I passed out. The truth is that it is an incredible thing to be talking to you,” she said in the interview, as quoted by American Journal.

Candela said she felt fine before the train arrived at the station.

“I was sitting waiting for the train, I was fine,” she went on to say. “...What I remember is waiting for the train, and when the train approaches, I start walking. And then I no longer remember when I collided with the train because I was passed out.”

Staff members at the railway station rushed to the young woman’s aid and safely brought her back to the platform. The clip shared on social media showed Candela lying down with people surrounding her before she was wheeled out.

“I had a rib fracture that pierced my liver and I was pretty bad with that, it took me a few days and it was the most dangerous thing I faced,” 24 News Recorder quoted her as saying. “Later I suffered a contusion on the side of my head, above my ear, and as a result of that I do not hear well, added to a skull fracture between my nose and my eyebrow.”

Candela received treatment for her injuries but still can’t “make sense” of what happened on the day she fell under the train.

“I tried to warn the person in front of me but don't remember anything else, even the moment I smashed into the train,” she told an Argentinian TV station, according to 9News. "I don't know how I'm still alive. I'm still trying to make sense of it all."

Representative image Credit: Pixabay / Skitterphoto