• Melanie had a "friends with benefits" relationship with Florian
  • She admitted to sabotaging her partner's condoms without his knowledge
  • Melanie was accused of "stealthing" 

A woman in Germany was handed a six-month prison term after she poked holes in her partner's condoms to get pregnant.

The judge, while handing down the sentence, said the act amounted to sexual assault.

The woman, Melanie, 39, entered into a "friends with benefits" relationship with a 42-year-old man, Florian. The relationship started in 2021 after the duo met at a dating portal online. Ever since then, the couple started meeting up, mostly at the man's apartment, for regular intimate encounters, the German newspaper Bild reported.

At some point, the woman began developing deeper feelings for the man despite knowing that he never wanted to be in a committed relationship. So, the woman started to secretly poke holes in the man's condoms kept on the nightstand in a desperate bid to conceive. Despite her efforts, she was unsuccessful to fall pregnant.

"I put holes in our condoms. I suppose I'm pregnant," Melanie wrote in the Whatsapp message, according to Bild.

The relationship hit a rough patch which resulted in the couple breaking up. Florian had stopped contacting Melanie but the latter texted him one day stating that she believed she was pregnant. In the text, she wrote that she had poked holes in his condoms. The man, who didn't find it funny at all, pressed criminal charges against Melanie.

The woman reportedly admitted to sabotaging her partner's condoms purposefully, as per local reports.

Prosecutors agreed that a crime had been committed in this case but they were unsure what charges to levy against the woman. While investigating the nature of the crime, the judge gave her the charge of sexual assault after the court was told that the crime constituted "stealthing"-a criminal act which generally involves men removing condoms during intercourse without the partner's consent, DW reported.

"This provision also applies in the reverse case. The condoms were rendered unusable without the man's knowledge or his consent," the regional court in Bielefeld judge Astrid Salewski said during the woman's sentencing. "No means no here as well," she added.

"This case is unique. We have written legal history here today," Salewski reportedly told the court.

An Indian shopkeeper arranges condom packets at a chemist shop in New Delhi, April 27, 2016. Getty Images/AFP/PRAKASH SINGH