• The woman said she was approached by the tattoo artist at the gym
  • She said he was anything, but professional during the inking session
  • The woman said she had a "panic attack" following the session

A woman in California has shared her appalling experience of being body-shamed by a tattoo artist at a parlor, which led to her leaving in the middle of the session.

The woman, identified as Dalina from Escondido, spoke about the humiliating experience on TikTok, stating the tattoo artist's behavior and comments made her leave the session in a half-naked state.

While explaining her ordeal in the TikTok video, Dalina said the tattoo artist approached her while she was at the gym, and they exchanged their contact information as she was intending to get inked. Following this, Dalina said she booked an appointment and arrived at the man's studio.

"I met this guy at the gym and he approached me specifically because of my tattoos, he gave me his card and we exchanged information and I looked him up and liked his work," Dalina said in the video, which has over 15 million views now. It wasn't clear when the incident took place, but the video was posted in April.

The woman said she wanted to get her stomach inked, which required her to lie topless. The victim said as she lay on the table with just her nipples covered, she started to become increasingly uncomfortable with his behavior.

"I'm literally there without a shirt, just my nipples are covered. And he just starts talking about how unsymmetrical I was," Dalina said in the video, according to "He started calling my boobs 'tits', but the last straw, I turned around and he goes, 'I get why I see you in the gym all the time. You've got back rolls'. Am I crazy?"

Dalina, who filmed herself talking about the ordeal in the front seat of her car, said she "just had a panic attack."

"The worst tattoo experience of my life - now I need to find someone to fix this huge outline I have on my stomach," Dalina wrote in the caption of the video, according to ABD Post.

The woman even asked the viewers if she was being overdramatic, to which many users responded she wasn't.

"Not being dramatic. That was not okay," one user wrote in the comment. "Absolutely unacceptable… sorry you had to deal with someone like that," wrote another. "Your not being dramatic at all. The fact he got you to take off your shirt for a tattoo of your stomach," a third person noted in the comments.

In another video, she shared the tattoo's artist's social media details.

"I was scared to post his name because he’s in my local area, but after individuals online asked me to identify him to know who to stay away from, I realized how many times he’s done this to other women," Dalina said, BuzzFeed reported.

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